Japanese style room
with ceramic baths (Sea View)

The hotel's top room,
with porcelain bath.

Entering the room’s porcelain bath allows visitors to feel unity with the sea and sky – experience the luxurious feel of this private hot spring between the water and the clouds.

Japanese style room
with open-air bath (Sea view)

A quiet, tatami-floored room
with open-air bath.

Soak away the day’s tiredness amid the sounds and scents of the ocean while enjoying the view over Beppu Bay from the room’s open-air bath.

Japanese-style room
twin beds room (Sea view)

Relax in this quiet, spacious
Japanese-style room overlooking Beppu Bay.

Although this is a Japanese-style room, it is furnished with two beds. Enjoy a good night’s rest after relaxing with the sounds of the sea and views of moonlit Beppu Bay.

Japanese-style room
(Sea view)

A seaside room with a view that stretches
to distant Shikoku on clear days.

On sunny days, enjoy the beautiful blue of Beppu Bay; on clear days, the view extends to distant Shikoku. Such views can only be enjoyed from our seaside rooms.

Western-style room
twin beds room (City view)

A comfortable, spacious room
with two beds.

Furnished with two beds in a comfortable, spacious layout. Rest from the day’s travels as you enjoy a wonderful time.

Japanese-Western style room
(City view)

A spacious,
Japanese/Western-style room.

A spacious Japanese/Western-style room with a ○○ tatami area and twin Western space. This room is large enough to accommodate the whole family.

Japanese-style room
(City view)

Whether traveling alone or on business,
this room is great for all occasions.

The comfort of tatami soothes the day’s fatigue, allowing visitors to enjoy a quality time. Whether traveling alone or on business, this room is great for all occasions.