Introducing the most popular attractions recommended by The Hotel New Matsumi's Magnificent nature,
the attraction of a hot spring resort, the sensibility of an cosmopolitan city,
in harmony; a great personality, this is Beppu-City..
There are many fun and unique tourist destination in Beppu.

Recommended Tourist Information

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1Beppu Jigoku Meguri Go to Homepage

One of the pronouns used in Beppu is “Tour of Hell” but Beppu City has many and you can visit the (Hell) and various other natural sources. Guest enjoy the charm of looking for their favorite route.

National highway Route No. 10 Hiji Area >> National Highway No. 500 approximately 15 minutes
About 20minutes by car from The Hotel

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2Onsen Takegawara (hot springs) Go to Homepage

Is a spa with a splendid Karahafu roof (made of Karahafu) and its appearance has become the symbol of Beppu Onsen.

National Highway Route No. 10 Oita direction>>Prefecture Highway Route No. 52 approximately 4 minutes

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3Umitamago (Sea Egg) Go to Homepage

It is among the most popular aquarium attractions in Beppu. A dolphin show and a wide variety of creatures can be seen here. Everyone from small children to the elderly can enjoy it here.

National Highway Route No. 10 to Oita approx. 10 mins.

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4African Safari Go to Homepage

About 70 species of animals in habitat on this vast site, Lion, giraffes, and other popular animals like the elephants etc., greet you with much excitement.There are feeding corners where you can experience and feel the true force up close.

National Highway Route No. 10 Hiji Area>> National Highway Route No. 500 approx. 40 mins.

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5Mount Takasaki Natural Animal National Park Go to Homepage

In the facilities adjacent to the Sea Egg, living creatures in conjunction with sea eggs can be enjoyed. It is also famous as a wild Japanese monkey habitat.

National Highway Route No. 10 to Oita.
About 10mins by car from the hotel.

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6Kijima Kogen Park Go to Homepage

There is Jupiter, a wooden roller coaster and a Ferris wheel to start and an abundant of fun attractions. The Illumination at night is beautiful, and a highly recommended dating spot.

National Route 10 towards Kitakyushu, left at the Fujimi-dori intersection. About 30mins by car from the hotel

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7Harmonyland Go to Homepage

This outdoor theme park features popular Sanrio characters such as Hello Kitty and My Melody.
The park also features Sanrio-themed rides and attractions as well as live shows and parades with their cute and popular characters on a daily basis.

National Route 10 towards Kitakyushu. About 20mins by car from the hotel

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8Beppu Rakutenchi Go to Homepage

Good outlook also famous for cherry blossoms in the middle of the Tateishiyama Beppu Just.Half way up the Beppu Tateishi Mountain is a place famous for its cherry blossoms but also having an excellent view. opular for its roller coaster, go-karts and cycling monorail. There are 24 kinds of facilities in all.

National Route 10 towards Oita, right at Nagarekawa-dori intersection. About 10mins by car from the hotel

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9Oita Fragrance Museum Go to Homepage

The history of fragrance and its culture are on display and easy-to-understand, and a corner is set-up for everyone to experience it firsthand but just being inside the museum makes it a place that you can relax. Coupleand families alike all leave satisfied from this sightseeing destination.

National Highway Route No.10 Hiji Area>>turn left at the Rokushoen Intersection approximately 11 minutes

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10Beppu Ropeway Go to Homepage

Beppu Ropeway is located within the Aso Kuju National Park. extends from the base to the peak of Mt. Tsurumi, one of the largest mountains in all of western Japan.
Atop the 1,375 m mountain range is a stunning aerial view of downtown Beppu City, Beppu Bay, and other surrounding areas.
The Ropeway also commands a beautiful view of rhododendron kiusianum in spring, foliage in fall, and rime in the winter.

National Route 10 towards Kitakyushu, left at the Fujimi-dori intersection. About 20mins by car from the hotel

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11Mt. Yufu Go to Homepage

The 1,584 meter Mt. Yufu is also referred as ""Bungo Fuji"" for its beloved, stunning beauty.
The range is a popular mountain climbing location all throughout the year and offers flowers of rhododendron kiusianum, autumn foliage, and rime in the winter. The summit provides a great view of downtown Yufuin, Beppu Bay, the Mt. Kuju range, and more.

National Route 10 towards Kitakyushu, left at the Fujimi-dori intersection. About 40mins by car from the hotel to Yufu-dake Tozan-guchi.

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12Usa Jingu Shrine Go to Homepage

Surrounded by a primeval forest, the expansive premises of the Jingu is filled with clean and crisp air. It is also home to numerous valuable architectures. The three main Honden buildings are designated as a National Treasure; while the bridges of Shinbashi and Kurehashi, the Noh art building, and the repository building are all designated Important Historic and/or Cultural Properties of Japan.

National Route 10 towards Kitakyushu.
About 70mins by car from the hotel

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13Monjusen-ji Temple Go to Homepage

Designated as a Natural Monument of Oita Prefecture, the forest spreading all across the temple premises and its surrounding region features some giant, ancient trees: 1,000 plus years old Japanese zelkova, roughly 400 years old sugi, and numerous others.

National Highway Route No. 10 Hiji Area>>Prefecture Highway Route No. 31 approximately 1 hour 50 minutes

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14Kokonoe Yume Suspension Bridge Go to Homepage

It is a large suspension bridge and one of the best in Kyushu. As the seasons draw close the different expressions can be seen be the visitors whenever they go. It is a very popular tourist destination.

Beppu I.C. >> Kokonoe Highway Interchange >> Prefecture Highway Route No. 40 approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes ※When using the highway

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15Buddha Usuki Go to Homepage

It is a tourist destination where you can feel the history of Oita Prefecture. A wide variety of small and big Ishibotoke (stone Buddha) can be seen and worth taking a look at

Beppu I.C.>>Usuki I.C.>>National Highway Route No. 502 approximately 58 minutes ※ When using the highway

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16Oita sports park (Oita Bank Dome) Go to Homepage

A multidiscipline park where visitors can enjoy sports and recreation. Facilities include the Oita Bank Dome (known as Daigin Dome), which hosts international soccer matches, as well as grounds for baseball, athletics, tennis and rugby. There is also a convention hall used for various events, and training facilities with dormitories. Oita Bank Dome will also be one of the match venues for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.

Beppu I.C. >> Oitamera I.C. >> Route 10 >> Route 197 >> approx. 58 mins. ※ When using the highway

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17Oita Prefectural Art Museum Go to Homepage

Please see many collection of Japanese paintings, Western-style paintings, crafts, sculptures of the artist with the connection in various exhibition Projects and Oita by all means.
As there are a shop and the cafe, I can drop in at the art museum casually.

National Route 10 towards Oita, left at Nakakasuga intersection. About 20mins by car from the hotel

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